5 Common Mistakes That You Should Not Make If You Want to Get an Internship With a Top Bank

You are a student and you really want to be in a top paid position in a well-known bank. You know that you will probably have to find an internship first. And you are correct; most people working in the finance industry found their first job through an internship.

However, the fact it is an internship does not mean it is easy to get. Recruitment processes in banks are tough because there are so many candidates. You have to understand how they work or you will not maximise your chances.

Here are 5 common mistakes that students make when they apply for an internship in a bank.

1. Apply for the wrong type of internship

Banks have different programs for students, depending on previous internship experience and the number of years of study you have left before graduation. If you apply for the wrong one, your application will likely be discarded.

Usually you start with a spring or an off cycle internship if you have 2 or 3 years left before graduation. Doing this kind of internship is not mandatory, but will increase your chances of getting onto the next programs.

Then, when you have one year remaining before graduation, you can apply for a summer internship. This is really important if you want to get into finance. Banks use these programs to identify those that will enter their graduate programs the following year. If you skip this step, it will be much harder to get onto a graduate program.

2. Only applying for the bank of your dreams

Some students will apply only for the four or five top banks they really want to work for, thinking the others are not worth it. If you are serious about getting into finance, you should not do this. The truth is that you should enlarge the scope of your applications as much as possible. Everybody is applying for the top banks, they are bombarded by applications each year. Even if you maximise your chances with good preparation, it is still not enough to ensure that you will get an internship. There are enough good candidates like you for banks to choose from and sometimes between two similar profiles it can even come down to pure luck.

You also should not compromise what you want to do in order to get into a top bank. Believe me, it is a lot easier to settle for a good fitting internship in a medium ranked bank than an internship in one of the best bank that does not match what you want to do ultimately.

3. Believing that a deadline far in the future means you can wait to send your application

If you want to apply for a summer internship or a graduate program, you should send your application as soon as it opens (ie, usually September of the previous year). While it is true that most banks have deadlines set as far away as March of the year of the internship, you have virtually no chance of being successful with an internship application if you apply just before the deadline. That is because banks do not wait to review applications. They have several interview sessions throughout the year and once they are full they will not even look at other applications. You have to get into the first interview session (usually in October/November). This is when recruiters are most open to “non-perfect” candidates.

4. Thinking that filling the online application is enough

The online application is important and you should put a lot of efforts into it. However, it may not be enough to guarantee success.

There are so many candidates for bank internships that if you want your chances to be high, you need to differentiate yourself from others. Most banks organise events on campuses where you can meet and talk with people from the banks. It is essential that you go to at least one of these events, and that you talk with people there. If you make a good impression, they will give you their business card, then you will be able to tell the HR person that you met with this person and that you had a nice conversation. It will have a very positive impact on your application. If they really like your profile they can even recommend you directly to the HR department. If it happens, congratulations, you are certain to get an interview.

If there are no events on your campus, you can go to the bank career website and look for events organised near your location. Then you can send an application for the event.

5. Focusing too much on finance skills in your application

If you want to work in finance, you need of course to know at least the basics of your field (derivatives, interest rates etc for market finance, the usual valuation ratios for corporate finance). However, recruiters expect every candidate to be knowledgeable on these topics. You also need something that will differentiate your application: add something more to it, such as a technical skill. There are a lot of strong finance-oriented profiles, and a lot of good technical profiles. But there are so few candidates that can combine both skills and they are the favourites of the banks. Today, finance is all about automation and algorithm. Banks know that, and they want their future employees to be comfortable with the new digital age. So learn a programming language (or more than one) and put it on your resume.

Career Opportunities in Picture Making

Picture making is one of the prestigious branches of visual arts. There are countless career or job avenues that are readily available in the field of picture making. All these career opportunities provide numerous financial gains that can help learners cater for themselves and their families. Some of these wonderful job prospects have been discussed below.

Advertising consultant: He is an expert in the field of advertisement of products and services. He is usually consulted to give technical advice on the right form of advertisement to choose for a particular product or service.

Interior Decorator: He is an artist who decorates the interiors or inner parts of buildings such as homes, offices, churches and other public buildings in an artistic fashion especially during occasions like weddings etc.

Landscape Painter: He is a picture maker who make painting on canvas and other materials depicting activities on land such as market scenes, festivals etc.

Print maker: An artist who is skilled in printing and engages in the printing of projects. He implements the various printing technologies in producing prints on T-shirts, banners, cups etc.

Gallery Owner: An owner and/or caretaker of an art gallery (a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited). He oversees the selling and trading of the works of art in the gallery.

Curator: An art historian who serves as a custodian in charge of an art museum or centre where there is a great collection of artefacts such as paintings etc.

Computer Animator: An artist who is an expert in the use of the computer in the creation of moving pictures for making films and movies.

Cartoonist: He designs satirical or humorous pictures and scenes (cartoons) for use in magazines, journals, newspapers etc.

Book Illustrator: He makes illustrations in books to explain the printed text or content of the book.

Picture making tutor: He instructs students in the field of picture making in educational institutions.

Exhibition Designer: An artist who plans and organizes an exhibition. He is responsible for the designing of the layout and arrangement of works art at the chosen site for the exhibition.

Event Promoter: An artist who promotes events through the designing and making of visual communication tools such as banners, posters, flyers, T-shirts etc. to promote a special upcoming or ongoing event such as a sporting activity, entertainment etc.

Muralist: He paints scenes and pictures on the walls of public buildings, homes and offices as a form of decoration.

Mosaic Artist: A picture maker who composes pictures by the use of small cubes of shiny stone, glass or coloured papers assembled or arranged to form the picture.

Museum Educator: An artist who instructs people on objects and artefacts having scientific or historical or artistic value in a museum.

Portrait Artist: He draws and paints the exact likenesses of people and other sceneries. Usually such works are laminated or encased in wood or plastic frames with a glass plate to be hanged in rooms and offices as a form of decoration.

Stage Designer: He is responsible for the designing, arrangement and decoration of stage for theatrical performances in a theatre.

Product Designer: He designs products for firms and industries before they are produced.

Tourism Developer: An artist who produces artworks or joins other artists in developing a tourism base for art.

Industrial Designer: An artist who designs products for an industry. He may be employed to be in charge of all the designing of artistic products for the industry.

Colour Psychologist: An expert in colour theory who knows the psychological or mental effects of colours on people. He is consulted before some particular colours are selected for various tasks by institutions especially health and mental institutions.

Art Therapist: A person skilled in the use of art as a form of therapy or medicine for curing mentally deranged and emotionally disturbed patients.

Art Historian: An artist who is well versed in the histories concerning the arts of various groups and people across the world.

Art Critic: An expert in the critiquing or evaluation of works of art for competitions and examinations. He also reviews various works of an artist and writes detailed commentaries on each of them for publication in journals and leading newspapers.

Art Director: The director in charge of the artistic features of a theatrical production (costumes, scenery and lighting).

Art Consultant: An expert in art who is usually consulted by firms, industries and institutions to give technical advice on decisions related to art such as choice of colours, emblem or logo etc. of the institution.

Art Collector/Trader: A person who collects several artefacts and trades in them.

Art Administrator: He is a manager of the art department of an institution who is responsible for all decisions relating to art.

Archivist- A person in charge of collecting and cataloguing archives (A depository containing historical records and documents).

Enrolling in the field of picture making as a field of study is very rewarding. Senior high school students who would want to further their education in the field of art can consider reading courses in picture making since it will furnish them with the requisite skills for their career development.

With the Upcoming of So Many New Industries There Are Plenty of Jobs in Durgapur

In the last few years Durgapur has undergone a drastic change from a mini town to a mini metropolitan city. It has earned the titles of green city and smart city due to the availability of infrastructure such as planned town, well to do roads with cheapest modes of transportation, connecting it to other metropolitan cities. The population outburst and oversaturation of offices and institutions in Kolkata has led to many small and big corporate houses to spread its branches in Durgapur, which is otherwise free from the heavy commotion of any big city.

Previously, most of people in Durgapur used to move to other states for earning their livelihood with their families staying back, thus suffering from the state of loneliness and insecurity. The present scenario somehow has changed due to the various developmental projects undertaken by the government of West Bengal, mostly being the coming up of new industries and IT firms. These companies are doing a lucrative business by offering jobs to the local candidates, hence those who have migrated to them it is a good chance to come back.

Among the various jobs in Durgapur are the ones offered by the software industries that include software developers, designers, project managers, SEO’s, human resource executives and many more. They don’t look out for people as they get a handful of them from in and around the locality, hence solve the age old problems of unemployment. The services provided by these companies include development and maintenance of software serving a client base across the world. This situation was not possible even a few years back when the people had to undergo a long and complex process of getting recruited in the steel plants and other MNC companies.

Durgapur is also known for some of its renowned schools and colleges. The majority of the students passing out of them every year is either engineers or expert trainers of software and IT. They are utilizing the free musically likes without human verification skills to the utmost by getting employed as a fresher in their nearest software and IT firms even at lower wages. By this they benefit in two ways, firstly they are able to take the responsibility of home, and secondly get all the pleasures of staying in their native town.

The location of the city is also perfect for the development of any industry. Situated in the Burdwan district, Durgapur is the second planned city in India after Chandigarh and has the only operational inland port serving as a gateway to the eastern India. It is one of the few cities which have an Asian Highway AH that passes though its jurisdiction and thus it is a more preferred gateway than the districts of Bankura, Birbhum and Purulia which are not so well connected. The NH2 and SN9 that passes though the city connects it to the nearest places like Bihar, Jharkhand, and Orissa. The construction of an airport in the Andal region has also provided the communications for airways and this has in turn increased the chances of people from different regions to come and work here thus contribute to the overall productivity.

Job Placement Agency – Platform to Get a Dream Teaching Position

Teaching is one of the most reputed occupations for most of the people across the globe. Rather, nowadays, more and more opportunities are opening for the candidates who are coming from foreign countries and want to settle down in those nations where the chances are more. As a teaching professional, you can think to change your present job scenario and try something new. Experience and knowledge on the subject can help you to prosper in the future; additionally, you will the chance to earn more. If you want to get your dream job, it is the most vital time for you to think and relocate to a place where you can get the good salary and really wonderful atmosphere to work.

How will you find the relevant jobs?

The next question is how you can find the most suitable job for you. The first option is to take help of the internet. In these days, you can find everything online. If you are not getting any perfect teaching job according to your qualifications, the next step is to make good CV of your own. This should show all your qualifications, degrees and experience levels. You can send your CV on the websites of the schools that are looking for teachers.

The last step is to take help of the good job consultancy agency that is eager to help the clash royale hack 2017 no survey candidates in every possible way. While you are choosing a good job placement organization, you have to check the details very carefully.

Job recruitment agency- how they can help you

When you are choosing the job recruitment agency, the first step is to communicate with the agents. If you are willing to relocate yourself as there are more opportunities for TEFL jobs abroad, then you can choose a consultancy agency of that particular location or country. There are various ways boo communicate with the agents. You can have Skype conversation or even mail all the details to the website of the organization. When you are communicating with the agent, it is better to share all the details, your preferences and job specifications. This can help the professional to find the suitable teaching position for you.

The services-

All the reputed placement organizations provide lots of services for the applicants. Firstly, the agents will hear all the requirements of the candidates, secondly, they will choose the most suitable school where they can place the applicant, thirdly, they will set up a video conversation between the candidate and school authority. If all these steps go well, the school can send the contract to the agency itself. Apart from these, these agencies provide the flight tickets; provide temporary accommodation and much more.

Try a Career in the Tire Industry

Last week I attended my first International Tire Exhibition & Conference (ITEC) in Akron, OH. I really have no good reason for attending other than I’ve slowly become very interested in all things tires. What goes into making the tire, the treads and the types of tires fascinate me. As a Corporate Recruiter Consultant I figure I could turn my interest in tires to placing the I.T. & Engineering professionals that are part of the tire industry. The immediate placement of tire professionals will have to wait while I learn more about the client and their needs and as I am currently fully engaged with supporting my present contract employer.

I think my real fascination began when I needed to purchase a set of tires for my Land Rover LR4. I went off-roading once and hoped to do it again so I wanted tires that would support that kind of activity while lasting a long time with typical over the road traveling. The Land Rover weighs close to 2 tons so that is a lot of pressure on the tire. I had purchased a set of inexpensive tires previously for the Land Rover and they didn’t even last 10 months! This time I wanted the tires to last, even if I had to pay more. My family used to own and operate a tire store for 45 years where my brother was the salesman for many of those years. For my new set of tires my brother explained to me what treads would grip the road better and what type of tire had better rubber allowing the tire to last longer. The more expensive tires only cost me an additional $200 for the set and were a world of difference for performance and durability. I was hooked! My brother proved how invaluable a knowledgeable salesperson can be.

ITEC proved to be the honey-hole for all that the tire world has drawn me into. This convention educated the engineers on rubber, plastics, molding, chemicals, machinery and everything an engineer of all walks would need to know about the making of a tire from A to Z. I visited every booth, asked questions, soaked up a lot of information and picked up some clash royale hack 2017 no verification cool pens and tire swag along the way.

If you’re like me, you would think that the majority, if not all, the tires are manufactured somewhere in the Midwestern region of the USA. Actually, of the top 50 tire manufacturers, only 3 are headquartered in the USA: Goodyear, Cooper and Carlstar Group, which is a producer for specialty tires for agriculture and construction. 18 (35%) of the top 50 are headquartered in China. A few of the other top producers of tires are headquartered in Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia, Canada and India. Tire operations for the USA are mostly planted in the Southern and Midwestern states. Bridgestone, Carlstar, Continental, Cooper, Goodyear and Michelin produce the majority of their auto and light truck tires in states like Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, Oklahoma and Alabama. In the USA the top producers of racing tires are Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. and Goodyear.

If you have an engineering degree in manufacturing, chemical or electrical the odds are the tire industry could use your skills. Check out the careers site for any tire company and you will see they need tire development engineers, tire mold engineers, FEA, 3D CAD modeling skills are in demand, design engineers, automated machine design engineers and electrical skills are sizzling hot given the technology being used in automobiles. Visit company web sites as well as their LinkedIn and Glassdoor sites to learn all about the various career opportunities available today and you too just might catch the tire bug!